The ASEAN Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Networking Forum was held in the Philippine capital of Manila from December 16-17. The event’s purpose was to build business ties between regional governments and the private sector, while discussing methods of of financing the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity (MPAC).

The forum brought together officials from various state agencies in the ten member nations of ASEAN, along with business leaders, infrastructure developers, and executives of financial institutions. Leaders shared strategies to attract more investment in the region from the private sector.

Those in attendance also discussed how to gather resources to bring about MPAC’s success, and create a more suitable environment for the PPP at the regiona,national and local levels.

Philippine Permanent Mission to ASEAN organized the event along with support from the ASEAN Connectivity Coordinating Committee, the Office of ASEAN Affairs of the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs, and the PPP Center of the Philippines.

The meeting comes shortly before Malaysia will take over the ASEAN chair at the beginning of 2015, with the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) coming into effect later that year.


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