Nearly every country in the world has a competitive edge in something that they do. When it comes to South Korea, the one area that stands out is innovation. South Korea has been given the title of the most innovative country in the world according to the Bloomberg Innovation Index of 2016.

The Index ranked South Korea as the best in the world by comparing factors such as research & development capability, productivity, tech density, and patent activity. The ranking did not come as a surprise to many as South Korea has topped this charts for the last few years.

Within a few decades, this small Asian nation has turned its economy from one of the poorest in the world to one of the richest. Such a transformation into an economic heavyweight would not be possible if not for Korea’s investments into technology. Right now, the country is the leader in patent activity, information and communication technology.

Success in manufacturing and electronics have given South Korea the image of a tech industry leader.  Confined within the borders of a small nation with a population of just 50 million, the country had to find a way to increase the value of their output immensely – technology has certainly helped them meet their goal.

South Korea is well-known for their cutting edge factories producing the latest technological goods. Such factories would not have been possible if there were no construction company in the first place. Thus, InvestAsian would like to bring your attention to Hanyang ENG Co., Ltd (KOSDAQ:045100).


Hanyang ENG – A Leading Factory Construction Company

Hanyang ENG has business engagements in two main business divisions – engineering and equipment.

For its engineering division, the company is involved in every major step of the construction of industrial facilities. It has a variety of products that can aid manufacturers,  even though they may be in totally different industries. Hanyang ENG has clients in aerospace, nuclear, solar, and even bio-pharmaceutical.

For equipment, it is a leading supplier of the Central Chemical Supply System – a highly-customized process that automates the supply of chemicals in manufacturing.

It’s major industrial clients include many famous names from the country, including but not limited to, Samsung, LG, and Hyundai.

The company boasts an impressive net profit margin of 8.23% which is estimated to increase to 14% this year. This leads to the company giving generous returns to its investors with ROI and ROE of 26% and 29% respectively. With a P/E ratio of 5.31 and high growth prospects, Hanyang ENG is a recommended buy.

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