In one move, Japan has technically achieved the fastest ever recovery from a recession. In less than three months, they re-released their third quarter results to get out of a “technical” recession, defined as not having two quarters with negative GDP growth in a row.

The country has suffered from a stagnant economy because of an almost fully employed labor force which leaves no more room for more workers, along with a declining population. These two reasons combine to create a bizarre situation in which there are less and less workers in Japan with the latest numbers showing that the working population shrank by 1.5% over the past year.

Japan is well aware of this, and has been using technology to combat this. However, progress is not always quick and some sectors are doing better than others.


One of Japan’s Few Undeveloped Sectors

Even though Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world, their B2B (business to business) e-commerce market is no different from the rest of the world – underdeveloped and pales in comparison with B2C (business to consumer) market.

When comparing B2B trade with B2C trade, Japan still has a long way to go to catch up and use the full possibilities the internet has to offer. For a long time, the main tools of establishing B2B trade relations have been telephone and fax due to complicated operations and out-dated business customs.

With this, InvestAsian brings forth to your attention Info Mart Corporation.


Info Mart Corporation: One of Japan’s Top B2B Companies

Info Mart Corporation is based in Tokyo and is a company primarily involved in the B2B e-commerce business. The company is actively operating six related business segments.

Four segments revolve around the Application Service Provider (ASP). They are the ordering segment, the written standards segment, the negotiation segment, and the ordering and operation segment.

These segments offer an all-round service for businesses to collaborate with other businesses through the internet with a special focus on the wholesale food companies.

The two other segments are the cloud service and the overseas segment.

The cloud service segment involves a database of food product information and provides information for food wholesale customers. The overseas segment provides systems for overseas companies.


Strong Fundamentals, Little Competition

Even though the company’s shares have been on a decline for the past 15 days, InvestAsian believes that Info Mart Corp. is a wise buy because of its strong fundamentals and outstanding performance.

With absolutely no long-term debt, Info Mart has great capacity to expand should it sees the opportunity to. With a current ratio of 1.36, the company is one of the bigger companies in the industry with a current ratio over 1.

Info Mart Corp. is also the leader in the pack in the fields of operating metrics and margins.

With a ROI of 32% and a ROA of 22%, Info Mart shows that it is the best in utilizing its investments beating its closest competitor by at least twice. With net profit margins of over 23%, the company also leads the market in terms of cost control.

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