Why Cambodia?

The Best Growth Potential in Asia.

Long-Lasting Economic GrowthCambodia has not had negative economic growth since the mid-1990s, and was completely left out of three recessions that the rest of the world faced.

High Yields and AppreciationRental yields on Cambodian Property can easily exceed 10%, and capital appreciation enhances this even more.

Solid FundamentalsReal estate in Cambodia is undervalued compared to the rest of Southeast Asia, and the lack of large international developers has kept prices down thus far.

Clear Legal RightsA safe investment. Not only do foreign investors enjoy strong ownership rights, but landlords have an advantage over tenants in the Cambodian legal system.

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Why With InvestAsian?



Investors are sent detailed bank statements and invoices each month. The fund's lawyers represent the owners (you!), not us.

Full Legal Rights

You will become the recognized, legal owner of a Cambodian limited liability corporation which directly owns multiple properties.


Our experienced management team allows you the benefit of property ownership with none of the hassle.

One and Only

Focusing on frontier market real estate in Asia, we are the first and only investor-owned property fund in the region.

Experienced Team

Our team, consisting of both local experts and international veterans, has great insight into Cambodia's property market.

Exit Strategy

You are not locked in. Sell your shares to a third party at any time. Also, the fund buys shares back from investors for added convenience.


Stay Up To Date On Asia's Property Market!



What assets does Khmer Ventures have under management?

As of July 2016, we have $250,000 worth of investor financing. We’ve been operating for one month and have closed deals on three apartments.


Is there a minimum purchase requirement?

The minimum purchase requirement is one hundred shares, each worth US$250, for a total of US$25,000.


How is the fund structured?

The fund is structured as a Cambodian LLC which directly owns property. Our owners are given shares in the company and own real estate, along with the rights to their part of its profit, as shareholders of the company.


What input do shareholders have?

Because they are the legal owners of a company, our shareholders ultimately decide the direction of the fund. We as managers are, in essence, simply employees of the fund. Votes may be taken on anything the shareholders wish.


How are profits distributed?

Every 3 months, the fund’s rental income is distributed to shareholders as a proportion of their ownership percentage. 


What are the fees?

The management fee is 2% of the fund’s total appraised value per year. The front-end load upon purchasing shares is 3% of the total invested amount. In addition, a performance fee of 20% of the fund’s total annual realized return is applicable.


Can I sell my shares?

Yes. You may sell your shares to any third-party. In addition, the fund is often willing to buy back shares, making it unnecessary to search for a third party buyer. However, there is a two-year lock-in period for new investors.


Can I see the contracts?

Yes. Please contact us using the form above.


Can I see a business plan?

Yes. Please click here.