Best Neighborhoods in Bangkok to Buy Property

5 Best Neighborhoods in Bangkok to Buy Property

With a population of over 15 million people in its metro area, Bangkok is a huge city with dozens – if not hundreds – of different neighborhoods.

The city’s vibrant culture, world-class amenities, and strategic location in the heart of Southeast Asia make it an attractive destination for property investment.

But with so many neighborhoods to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics and investment potential, where should you focus your search?

Here’s a closer look at the top five areas for buying and investing in property in Bangkok.


Ratchathewi’s central location is its biggest selling point. It’s right in the geographic center of Bangkok.

Situated just north of the commercial district of Siam and east of the government center of Dusit, Ratchathewi boasts unparalleled connectivity.

The Airport Rail Link’s terminal station is located here, as are three different BTS Skytrain stations, making it a breeze to get around the city. Victory Monument is arguably the most cosmopolitan part of the district.

Despite these locational advantages, property prices here are still affordable compared to other prime areas of Bangkok. The average condo in Ratchathewi costs around 200,000 baht per square meter, offering good value for money.

The area has a good mix of residential options catering to various demographics. Many local Thai families call Ratchathewi home, giving it a more authentic vibe compared to expat-heavy areas.

At the same time, the neighborhood’s proximity to shopping hotspots like Pratunam and Siam attracts its fair share of tourists and international residents.

As more people discover Ratchathewi’s winning combination of location, affordability, and local charm, property prices are poised to appreciate.

Investors can find solid rental yields in Ratchathewi along with some of Bangkok’s highest occupancy rates. Especially in newer condo developments close to transit stations.


Running through the heart of Bangkok, Sukhumvit Road, the Cosmopolitan lifestyle destination, is lined with a dizzying array of restaurants, bars, shops, and attractions catering to a diverse international crowd.

The Sukhumvit area encompasses multiple sub-markets, each with its own rather unique character and property dynamics.

The most sought-after addresses are generally found in the Nana, Asoke, Phrom Phong and Thong Lo neighborhoods.

Here, luxury condos with top-notch facilities command premium prices, often exceeding 250,000 baht per square meter, especially if they are within a short walk of a BTS station.

These high-end properties are popular with expats, high-flying professionals, and wealthy Thais who appreciate the area’s cosmopolitan vibe and convenient access to lifestyle amenities.

As you move further down the Sukhumvit line towards On Nut and Phra Khanong, prices become more reasonable while still offering good connectivity.

These neighborhoods are popular with young Thais and budget-conscious expats who value the area’s lively atmosphere and community feel.



Ratchathewi’s proximity to shopping hotspots like Pratunam Market and Siam attracts both tourists and international residents to the area.

One thing to note is that there is an oversupply of one-bedroom units in some parts of Sukhumvit, particularly in the suburban areas.

Investors may find better rental demand and capital appreciation potential in larger two or three-bedroom units that cater to families and long-term residents.

With its enduring popularity and constant evolution, Sukhumvit is likely to remain one of Bangkok’s most desirable addresses for both end-users and investors.

As the area continues to gentrify and more upscale projects come onto the market, prices should maintain their upward trajectory, especially in the wealthiest parts of Sukhumvit.


The corporate powerhouse of Bangkok, Silom and Sathorn form the city’s primary central business district.

Silom’s strategic location make it a top choice for executives and expatriates working in industries like finance, law, and consulting.

Luxury condos and serviced apartments in Silom have long commanded top prices, with many developments geared towards well-heeled expats seeking a prime address and five-star facilities.

While these upscale properties come with a hefty price tag, they offer the potential for stable rental income from quality tenants with generous housing allowances.

For investors with a more modest budget, older condo buildings in Silom can provide a more affordable entry point into this prestigious market.

While yields may be slightly lower than in brand-new developments, the potential for capital appreciation is still strong given the area’s enduring appeal and limited supply of land.

Sathorn has seen a wave of new development in recent years, with luxury condos and mixed-use projects springing up along its leafy boulevards.

These stylish properties are popular with trendy urbanites who appreciate Sathorn’s unique blend of business and pleasure, with chic cafes and hip bars sitting alongside corporate towers.

One of the biggest selling points of the Silom/Sathorn area is its exceptional connectivity. The neighborhood is served by multiple BTS and MRT stations, as well as riverboat services, making it easy to get around Bangkok.

The area is also home to Lumpini Park, the city’s largest green space, which provides a welcome respite from the urban jungle and adds to the neighborhood’s livability and appeal.

While property prices in Silom and Sathorn are undoubtedly high, the area’s robust fundamentals and resilient demand make it a relatively low-risk investment compared to some other parts of Bangkok.



Lumpini Park, Bangkok’s largest green space, provides much needed respite to the city and increase the neighborhood’s appeal.

As Bangkok continues to grow and develop, the Silom/Sathorn area is well-positioned to maintain its status as the city’s premier business district.

With limited land available for new development and a steady stream of demand from high-end buyers and tenants, the area offers strong potential for capital appreciation over the long term.

Central Lumpini

Encompassing the neighborhoods around Lumpini Park, like Wireless Road, Langsuan, and Chidlom, Central Lumpini is the address of choice for Bangkok’s upper crust and elite.

This prestigious enclave is home to some of the city’s most prestigious residences, from ultra-luxury condos to sprawling penthouse suites.

What Central Lumpini lacks in mass transit access (only Chidlom BTS station serves the area), it more than makes up for in terms of prestige, tranquility, and exclusivity.

The wide, tree-lined streets are home to high-end hotels, fine dining restaurants, and designer boutiques catering to the city’s most discerning residents and visitors.

Many of Bangkok’s top international schools are located in the Central Lumpini area, making it a popular choice for affluent families.

Lumpini is also home to several embassies and diplomatic residences, which adds to its aura of sophistication and security.

Properties in Central Lumpini command some of the highest prices per square meter in Bangkok, with new luxury developments on Wireless Road fetching up to 500,000 baht per square meter.

The most coveted units are those with direct views of Lumpini Park, a rare and highly prized amenity in the heart of the city.

For investors, Central Lumpini offers the potential for strong capital appreciation, driven by the scarcity of land and the unwavering demand from high-net-worth individuals.

While rental yields may be lower than in some other parts of Bangkok due to the high purchase prices, they are balanced by the quality of tenants and the low vacancy rates in this highly sought-after area.

One factor that could further boost property values in Central Lumpini is the upcoming opening of the MRT Orange Line, which will have a station at Langsuan.

This will greatly improve accessibility and make the area even more attractive to residents and investors alike.

Bang Na

Located in eastern Bangkok, Bang Na has long been overshadowed by more popular neighborhoods along the Sukhumvit corridor.

However, this up-and-coming area is starting to attract attention from savvy investors who recognize its potential for growth and value appreciation.

It’s not too bold to say that Bang Na is the rising star of the suburbs. You should especially consider real estate out here if you’re looking to buy a house in Bangkok.


Bang Na

¬†Bang Na is where several of Bangkok’s important roads and expressways meet; it’s the city’s final frontier leading to Thailand’s Eastern region.

One of Bang Na’s biggest draws is its proximity to the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC), which hosts major events and conferences throughout the year.

The opening of IKEA Bang Na, one of the largest IKEA stores in the world and the first in Thailand, has also put the neighborhood on the map for shoppers and home furnishing enthusiasts.

In terms of connectivity, Bang Na is served by the BTS Skytrain (Bang Na and Bearing stations) as well as the Chalerm Maha Nakhon Expressway which provides quick access to central Bangkok and Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Several major developers in Thailand have launched condo projects in Bang Na in recent years, offering modern units at more affordable prices compared to the city center.

The average condo price in Bang Na is around 70,000 baht per square meter, making it an attractive option for investors seeking value for money.

Buying a house isn’t that much more expensive either – although it’s worth noting that foreigners can’t directly own landed property in Thailand.

The area’s growing popularity with young professionals and families who work in eastern Bangkok or along the EEC (Eastern Economic Corridor) means there is good potential for rental demand and capital appreciation.

As Bangkok continues to expand eastward and the government ramps up investment in infrastructure projects like the EEC, Bang Na is well-positioned to benefit from the spillover effects.

The area’s relative affordability, combined with its strategic location and improving amenities, make it an attractive option for investors looking for the next up-and-coming neighborhood.

To maximize the investment potential in Bang Na, investors should focus on projects with good connectivity to public transport and proximity to key amenities like BITEC and IKEA.

While the neighborhood may not have the same lifestyle appeal as more central areas, it offers a more laid-back vibe and a sense of community that appeals to many residents.

Where Should You Buy Property in Bangkok?

Bangkok’s real estate market offers a wealth of opportunities for investors, from central districts to the up-and-coming neighborhoods on the city’s fringes.

While prime areas like Sukhumvit, Silom/Sathorn, Ratchathewi offer the potential for stable returns and strong capital appreciation, they also come with higher entry prices and lower rental yields.

For investors seeking more affordable options with good growth potential, areas such as Thonburi and Bang Na offer compelling value propositions.

Ultimately, the key to successful property investment in Bangkok is due diligence, working with reputable developers and agents, and taking a long-term view.

Keep an eye on market trends and infrastructure development. By doing so, real estate investors in Bangkok can position themselves to capitalize on the all the city’s different locations.


Neighborhoods in Bangkok: FAQs

What's the Most Expensive Area in Bangkok?

Bangkok's wealthy areas are scattered all across the city. Generally speaking though, the Central Lumpini area has the highest prices. Buying a condo here will cost upwards of 300,000 baht ($9,500) per square meter on average.

Central locations like Sukhumvit, Silom, Siam, and Ratchathewi are also among Bangkok's priciest districts. Condos in these areas costs around 200,000 baht ($7,000) per square meter on average.

Where is the Cheapest Neighborhood in Bangkok?

The cheapest places to purchase real estate in Bangkok are the outlying suburban areas farther from the city center. Neighborhoods like Bangna, Don Mueng, Bang Na and Phaholyothin have drastically lower prices compared to central Bangkok.

In these suburbs, condo prices can drop below 100,000 baht ($3,000) per square meter. That's less than half the cost of buying in prime downtown districts. Just be aware that commute times will be longer and these cheaper condos may not appreciate as well.

Which Area Has Bangkok's Highest Occupancy Rates?

Rental yields and occupancy rates both tend to be highest for condos in Bangkok's most central areas, particularly those in close proximity to BTS Skytrain or MRT stations.

Neighborhoods with high demand and low supply tend to have the highest occupancy rates. Several locations meet this criteria including Yaowarat (Chinatown), Dusit, and Ratchathewi.


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