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Why Invest in Cambodia?

Southeast Asia's Best Real Estate Market

Impressive Track Record

Cambodia's economy has averaged growth of over 7% for the past five years. It's one of the fastest growing in the world.

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Business Friendliness

With a low, flat tax rate of just 14% on rental income, Cambodia lets foreign investors keep more of their profit.

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Robust Economy

Cambodia hasn't had a reccession in over two decades. It's skipped every global economic crisis since the 1990s.

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Favorable Demographics

Strong population growth and a young workforce will help drive the Cambodian economy for decades to come.

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High Capital Appreciation

The country will see higher demand for apartments in good locations. Prime real estate can be bought for low prices.

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Stable Political Climate

Cambodia's held free elections since 1993. Political unrest is less common than in neighbors such as Thailand.

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Open to Investors

Foreign investors face few restrictions in Cambodia. They can easily start a local company and own 100% of it.

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Strong Rental Yields

Property in Cambodia has some of the highest rental yields in the world. Annual returns exceeding 10% are common.

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Meet Our Manager

Reid Kirchenbauer, Founder of InvestAsian and Manager of Khmer Ventures, explains how investing in Cambodia can help grow and preserve your wealth.