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Why Invest in Cambodia Property?

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We believe frontier markets are the best countries in the world for investment. These are the places where rapid growth and high potential for returns are just beginning. 

But of all the countries in Asia, Cambodia has shown itself to be the most resilient.  In fact, it hasn’t had a recession in over two decades. It skipped the Asian Financial Crisis of the 1990s, missed the tech-bubble of the early 2000s, and outgrew the more recent crisis of 2008.

This was all while its economy grew by over 7% per year on average. It still is too.

Real estate in Cambodia's capital of Phnom Penh has a rare, proven combination of low risk & high return.  The city has strong potential to become a major hub for business and tourism in Southeast Asia.

The goal of the Khmer Ventures Property Fund is to help investors profit from Cambodia's robust economy.  We have the resources, contacts, and experience
 needed to help you get the most out of frontier market property.


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