Real Estate in Asia's Fastest Growing Economy


Why Invest in Cambodia?

Rapid Growth, Fueled by Demographics and Urbanization

Asia's Best Economy

Cambodia has averaged GDP growth of more than 7% over the past five years, ranking it one of Asia's fastest growing countries.

There aren't many signs of Cambodia's economy slowing down either. The World Bank and IMF are both predicting an even quicker growth rate in the near future.

Business Friendliness

Foreigners can own 100% of almost any type of business in Cambodia. It's easy to start up a company, buy real estate, and get a long-term visa here.

Tax rates in Cambodia also are among Asia's lowest. Income is taxed at a flat 12%. Likewise, property tax is miniscule and capital gains aren't taxed at all.

High Rental Yields

Property in Cambodia has some of the world's highest rental yields. Returns exceeding 6% annually are common in the commercial and residential sectors alike.

A rising middle class, large supply of well-paid expats, and plenty of retirees equals healthy demand for quality rental units in Phnom Penh.

Rising Property Values

The country will see increased housing demand in prime locations. Real estate in central areas can still be bought at below US$1,000 per sqm.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia's largest city, is ranks among the least expensive capitals in the world. Prices have few places left to go except upwards.

Robust Demographics

With an average age of 25, Cambodia is going through a population boom that will last several decades. Millions of people are moving from rural areas into cities.

Demographic trends rarely change once set in motion. Combined together, these factors almost necessitate rising demand for prime real estate.

Recession Avoidance

Cambodia hasn't had a recession in thirty years. They've skipped every economic downturn since then, from the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis to the Recession of 2008.

Of course, a truly "recession-proof" country doesn't exist. Cambodia's proven history of avoiding financial crises makes it about as close as you'll get though.

Why Khmer Ventures?

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