Cambodia is Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing economy, and Khmer Ventures owns prime real estate in the nation’s capital of Phnom Penh.

Reminiscent of Thailand twenty years ago, Cambodia is now going through a phase of growth marked by rapid urbanization and a rising middle class. 

We’re actively investing in Cambodia because we think its real estate market has greater potential than anywhere else in Southeast Asia.

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Why Invest in Cambodia?

Asia's Best Economy

Cambodia has averaged GDP growth of more than 7% over the past ten years, ranking it one of Asia’s fastest growing countries. 

There aren’t many signs of Cambodia slowing down either. The World Bank and IMF predict it’ll remain Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing economy until at least 2025.

High Rental Yields

Property in Cambodia has some of the world’s highest yields. Returns exceeding 8% annually are common in both commercial and residential sectors alike. 

A rising middle class, large supply of well-paid expats, and plenty of foreign retirees equals healthy demand for rental units in Phnom Penh. 

Robust Demographics

With an average age of 25, Cambodia is going through a population boom that will last several decades. Millions of people are moving from
rural areas into cities. 

Demographic trends rarely change once set in motion. Combined, these factors practically necessitate rising demand for prime real estate.

Business Friendliness

Foreigners can own 100% of almost any type of business in Cambodia. It’s easy to start a company, buy real estate, and get a long-term visa here. 

Tax rates in Cambodia also are among Asia’s lowest. Rental income is taxed at a flat 12%, capital gains tax doesn’t exist yet, and property taxes are miniscule.

Recession Avoidance

Cambodia has a long, history of recession avoidance spanning several decades.

Of course, a truly “recession-proof” country doesn’t exist. With that said, Cambodia’s long record of avoiding crises in the past makes its economy suitable as a diversification hedge.

Rising Property Values

Cambodia will see greater demand for housing over time. Prime real estate still costs about US$1,000 per sqm in some cases.

Phnom Penh has some of the world’s least expensive property values for any capital city. Prices have few places to go except upward.

Skip the Next Western Recession

Cambodia’s unique economy is less correlated with the rest of the world, and has largely avoided recession for over three decades.

They skipped the Asian financial crisis of the 1990s, missed the tech bubble in the early 2000s and outgrew the 2008 recession.

Cambodia: Southeast Asia’s Final Frontier

Located in the heart of the Asia-Pacific region, Cambodia has over 4 billion people on its doorstep.

Frontier markets have the potential for rapid growth, but often need a catalyst to start it off. Cambodia benefits from its robust tourism sector – something very few other frontier markets have.

Home to Angkor Wat, the world’s largest temple, Cambodia recieves over 5 million international tourists annually. This number will surely grow over time.

Furthermore, the movement of industry away from China benefits Southeast Asia. The lower cost of doing business compared to its neighbors gives Cambodia a clear manufacturing advantage.

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