Reid Kirchenbauer

 $750 Per Hour Consulting Session

Want Help Investing in Asia?

Asia is the most dynamic region on the planet. 

With rapid growth rates and solid demographics, savvy investors are looking at Asia to prepare their portfolio for the 21st century.

But investing in Asia can be confusing for some people. There's dozens of countries, each with their own culture, language, and economic prospects.

I understand. I was once in the same position. That's why I've built my career on helping others invest in Asia.

Would you like some guidance? I can point you in the right direction, tell you how to avoid common mistakes, and find the right investments for you.

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Reid can streamline every part of your investment process, saving you precious time and money.



Want to buy real estate in Asia? Reid can suggest locations, walk you through the purchasing process, and much more.



Looking to open offshore brokerage or high-interest savings accounts? Reid can help you do it from home.

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Is your business plan aligned with reality? Reid can check the competition and analyze the market to ensure your success.



Is your portfolio diversified and ready for the 21st century? Reid can crunch the numbers and make recommendations.

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Want to invest in Asia but don't know where to start? Reid can help you find which assets and countries match your needs.



Want to preserve your wealth for future generations? Reid can advise you on uncorrelated, tax efficient assets.

“Reid is probably the sharpest investor in the ASEAN financial market. His expertise has been instrumental.”

Lee Decker - Co-Founder, Decker Studio

“One of the smartest people I know.”

Andrew Henderson - Co-Founder, Nomad Capitalist

Why Invest in Asia?

Asia has over half the world's population. Those 4 billion people, combined with strong and sustainable economic growth, will make this region the new centre of the world.

Be on the right side of history. The 19th century was Britain's. The 20th century belonged to America. However, the 21st century will undoubtedly be Asia's. 



Why Hire an Investment Consultant?

Doing things by yourself will probably work if you already live in Asia, speak the language, and are familiar with the local markets.

But proper guidance can save you many thousands of dollars if you're new to investing in Asia. Don't waste time and money on mistakes.  


Why Work With Reid?

Most investment advisors aren't actual investors. They might work for a large company and be successful in their own way. But few make their living from returns and performance.

I've invested in Asia's stock and real estate markets myself... and have done very well. Here's an analogy: wouldn't you rather have a pilot teach you how to fly a plane?


Reid Kirchenbauer

Who is Reid Kirchenbauer?

He has more than a decade worth of experience in Asia, speaks three languages fluently, and is active in the region's stock and real estate markets. 

Reid manages several businesses, including Cambodia's first property investment fund.


I can help you invest in Asia the right way and achieve maximum results.

$750 Per Hour Consulting Session

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