khmer ventures

Our flagship investment, Khmer Ventures owns prime residential and commercial property in Cambodia.

Ranked among Asia’s fastest-growing countries, Cambodia will see high demand for real estate as a natural result of its rising urbanization rate and growing middle class.

For clients with a pre-tax annual income of $200,000, and/or a net worth of $2,000,000.


Private Portfolios

InvestAsian works with a small number of family offices and qualified investors to manage custom portfolios.

Work directly with us to build a collection of uncorrelated assets in difficult-to-access markets.

Designed for institutional clients with total assets under management of at least $30,000,000.


Take the first concrete step to diversifying your portfolio into Asia’s emerging and frontier markets.

We’ll set you up with a brokerage account in either Singapore or Hong Kong. Afterwards, we’ll offer specific investment suggestions.

Meant for clients with a net worth of at least $1,000,000. Seasonal service with a limited intake.

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