Asia is the most dynamic region on the planet. 

Spanning from Tokyo to Istanbul, and consisting of more than 50 countries, the Asian continent has a long history of rapid and sustained growth.

Well-diversified investors are therefore looking at Asia to prepare their portfolio for the 21st century.

Investing in Asia certainly isn't easy though. Each country has its own potential, and you'll find a vastly different set of opportunities in Vietnam than in Korea, for example.

One time, I was trying to figure things out too. Back in the early 2000s, I started off investing in "Asia-focused" ETFs and mutual funds tracking a broad index.

But I didn't find these institutional-type offerings ideal after I moved to Asia and started exploring stocks, real estate, and private equity options with my own eyes.

A corporate office in London just can't compete with the real thing. And I've spent well-over a decade investing my own money (and other people's!) in Cambodia, Vietnam, Armenia, and about a dozen other places.

You can't access these high-growth markets through a brokerage firm at home though. Getting a local account is absolutely a requirement to access certain countries.

Would you like some help investing in Asia? I can point you in the right direction, avoid any mistakes, and find the right investments for your own personal goals.


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Why Invest in Asia?

Asia includes over half the world's population. These 4 billion inhabitants, combined with strong and sustainable growth, is primed to make it the world's new economic center.

Be on the right side of history. The 19th century was Britain's. The 20th century belonged to America. Yet the 21st century will almost undoubtedly be Asia's. 

Even if this clear economic trajectory changes though, a wise investor is diversified. Playing politics with your future isn't a good idea.

Making Your Portfolio Truly Global


Discovery & Analysis

Every client is different. We'll learn more about your overall investment goals, whether you're looking for dividend yields, capital appreciation, or preservation of capital.


Offshore Brokerage Account

We'll remotely open an offshore brokerage account for you. This gives you access to stocks in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and other high-growth markets that a broker in your home country won't support.


Customized Stock Portfolio

After your offshore account is set up, we'll create a fully-diversified, Asia-focused stock portfolio tailored for your specific needs.


Diversification & Enhancement

Stocks in Asia aren't the only way to grow and preserve your wealth. We can further enhance your holdings with international real estate, private equity offerings, and much more.

Who is Reid Kirchenbauer?

He started off acting in TV commercials and using the income to trade stocks as a young teenager. Soon after, Reid moved to Southeast Asia for college and never looked back.

He pioneered the world's first frontier market property fund at the age of 25, and today manages over US$10 million worth of client assets. Click here to learn more about Reid.

Reid Kirchenbauer


What can I expect from InvestAsian Consulting?

Our goal is to diversify your holdings into Asian markets by creating a custom portfolio. We include the services below as standard:

- Remotely opening an offshore brokerage account with a reputable firm in either Singapore or Hong Kong.

- Creating a custom, Asia-focused stock portfolio that is personalized to your specific investment needs and risk tolerance.

- Two separate 30 minute phone consultations with Reid Kirchenbauer to find the best way to proceed, ensure successful implementation, and answer any questions.

How will opening a brokerage account in Asia help me?

By opening an account in Singapore or Hong Kong, you will gain access to stocks that otherwise remain closed to anyone without an Asia-focused brokerage.

For example, brokers based in Europe or North America very rarely (if ever) support trading in frontier markets like Vietnam and Indonesia. Our suggested brokers support exchanges in over a dozen counties, including difficult-to-access frontier markets.

How does creating a custom stock portfolio help me?

Holding a portfolio of stocks in Asia is a crucial first step toward a diversification plan.

Stocks have been the top-performing asset class for over a century. Yet while valuation metrics are unattractive in developed nations, Asia’s emerging and frontier markets host many undervalued companies in sectors like fintech and e-commerce.

The custom stock portfolio we create for you is unique and based on your own unique set of circumstances including age, risk tolerance, and a variety of other factors.

How is InvestAsian Consulting different?

We aren't vendors who sell one single service. A realtor in Thailand will only try to sell you a condo in Thailand. Meanwhile, a bank employee will suggest their own financial products and those they stand to make a commission from.

InvestAsian Consulting, on the other hand, is focused on the overall picture. We create return-optimized, risk averse portfolios serving the needs of investors. Our main focus is performance and we don’t charge any hidden fees.

Will any travel be necessary to implement my plan?

No. Our banking relationships in Hong Kong and Singapore help us to open a brokerage account for our clients remotely, without the need to travel.

Ready to Invest in Asia's Rise?

It only takes a few minutes to get the ball rolling.