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Asia is the most dynamic region on the planet. 

Spanning from Tokyo to Istanbul, and comprised of more than 50 countries, the Asian continent has a long history of rapid and sustained growth.

Well-diversified investors are thus looking at Asia to prepare their portfolio for the 21st century.

Investing in Asia isn't a simple matter though. Each country has its own potential, and you'll find vastly different opportunities in Vietnam, than say, Korea.

I understand, and was once in the same position. Back in the early 2000s, I started off investing in large "Asia-focused" ETFs and mutual funds which track a broad index.

But I didn't think these institutional offerings were an ideal investment after moving to Southeast Asia and spending over a decade exploring stocks, real estate, and local startups in the region.

A corporate office in London just can't compete with the real thing. And I've spent over a decade investing my own money (and other people's) in Tbilisi, Phnom Penh, and Bangkok among many other places.

Prime, city-center property will benefit from natural growth catalysts such as a country's rising middle-class or its strong urbanization rate.

Likewise, there are thousands of undiscovered gems on smaller stock exchanges including Malaysia's and the Philippines'.

You often can't access these high-potential markets through a foreign brokerage though. A local account is absolutely a requirement.

Lucrative, high entry-barrier opportunities such as these are why I built a career helping hundreds of clients invest in Asia.

Would you like some assistance? I can point you in the right direction, help you avoid mistakes, and find the right investments for you.


Why Invest in Asia?

Asia includes over half the world's population. These 4 billion inhabitants, combined with strong and sustainable growth, is primed to make it the world's new economic center.

Be on the right side of history. The 19th century was Britain's. The 20th century belonged to America. Yet the 21st century will almost undoubtedly be Asia's. 

Even if this clear economic trajectory changes though, one thing is certain: a wise investor is diversified. Playing politics with one's future is not a good idea.



Why Hire InvestAsian Consulting?

Doing things by yourself will probably work if you already live in Asia, speak the languages, and are familiar with all of the local opportunities.

But proper guidance can save you thousands of dollars if you're new to investing in Asian markets. Don't waste time and money on mistakes.  


Why Work With Reid?

Most investment advisors aren't actual investors. They might work for a large company and be successful in their own way. However, few make their living from returns and performance.

I've invested in Asia's stock and real estate markets myself... and have done well. Here's an analogy: isn't it better to learn how to fly a plane from a pilot, not an aeronautics lecturer?



Who is Reid Kirchenbauer?

Reid manages several businesses, including the world's first frontier market property fund with US$5 million in assets under management

He speaks three languages fluently and has been active in Asia's stock and real estate markets for over a decade.



We can help you invest in Asia the right way and achieve maximum results.