The 10 Safest Countries in Asia


A country’s safety isn’t lost on us – whether for the purposes of investment or living.

Generally speaking, high safety is conducive to a nation’s overall growth and ability to attract foreign capital.

The Global Peace Index (GPI) is a crucial tool for measuring peace and safety worldwide.

Produced annually by the Institute for Economics and Peace, it takes into account 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators to rank 163 countries according to their level of peacefulness.

These indicators include factors like violent crime rates, political instability, terrorist activity, and military expenditure.

For travelers and expats alike, the GPI provides valuable insights into the overall stability of different Asian countries, helping inform decisions about where to visit or reside.

With all that said, here are the top 10 safest countries in Asia.


Singapore tops the list as the safest country in Asia according to the 2023 Global Peace Index with the GPI Score of 1.332.

This multicultural city-state offers a secure lifestyle for expats, with very low crime rates, high-quality public safety measures, and strict regulations.

English is widely spoken, making it easy for foreigners to navigate. Expats can enjoy a cosmopolitan lifestyle attractions like the Singapore Botanic Gardens and night safari.


Japan (GPI score: 1.336) is renowned for its exceptionally low crime rates, advanced infrastructure, and efficient public services.

Expats living in cities like Tokyo benefit from modern transportation and helpful English-speaking locals.

Japan offers a unique blend of ancient traditions and cutting-edge modernity, with experiences ranging from exploring Kyoto’s spiritual sites to indulging in world-class cuisine.


Malaysia (GPI score: 1.513) has made significant strides in maintaining peace and safety.

While more affordable than Singapore, it offers expats a high quality of life with diverse experiences.

Kuala Lumpur boasts iconic landmarks like the Petronas Towers, while Penang is famous for its delectable street food.

Expats living in Malaysia can also enjoy beautiful islands like Langkawi, wildlife adventures in Borneo, and a warm, tropical climate across the whole country.



Georgetown, Penang, has long been favored by expats and nomads alike. This seaside town has everything to offer, from cheap living costs to an array of Chinese and Indian food.

South Korea

South Korea (GPI score: 1.763) is a top choice for expats seeking safety and modern amenities.

Seoul along with other major cities like Busan offer advanced infrastructure, convenient public transportation, and a thriving food scene.

Expats can immerse themselves in rich cultural traditions, explore stunning national parks, and enjoy four distinct seasons.

South Korea’s advanced healthcare system and widespread use of English are additional perks of living here.


Vietnam (GPI score: 1.745) has made significant progress in ensuring public safety, making it an increasingly popular destination for expats.

Cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi offer a vibrant lifestyle with delicious street food, historic sites, and friendly locals. Expats can also explore picturesque destinations like Ha Long Bay and Hoi An.

Vietnam’s low cost of living and high-growth economy provide business opportunities as well – especially for entrepreneurs and stock investors.



The coastal town of Danang is believed to be the most beautiful place to see sunset in Vietnam. This lovely town sees the number of long-term visitors increasing every year.


Bhutan’s safety (GPI score: 1.496) is rooted in its spiritual traditions, low crime rate, and focus on Gross National Happiness.

Expats living in Bhutan can experience a peaceful, culturally-rich lifestyle in harmony with nature.

While foreign investment opportunities are limited compared to other countries, Bhutan offers a unique chance to immerse oneself in a mindful, community-oriented way of life.


Taiwan (GPI score: 1.649) offers expats a safe, modern environment with convenient public transportation and a vibrant food scene.

Cities like Taipei and Taichung provide a high quality of life with cultural attractions, night markets, and easy access to nature.


Mongolia (GPI score: 1.765) is an off-the-beaten-path destination for adventurous expats.

With low crime rates and a peaceful society, it offers a unique opportunity to experience nomadic traditions and vast, unspoiled landscapes.

Expats living in Ulaanbaatar can enjoy modern amenities, while those in rural areas can immerse themselves in a simpler way of life.


Mongolia still has plenty of unspoiled nature and rural towns waiting to be explored. But in Ulaanbaatar, modern amenities are readily equipped.


Qatar (GPI score: 1.524) is one of the safest countries in the Middle East, offering expats a high standard of living with luxurious amenities and a strong emphasis on public safety.

Doha, the capital city, boasts modern architecture and a thriving food scene. Expats can enjoy a tax-free salary, which is one of the main benefits of living in Qatar.

However, it’s important to respect local customs and laws regarding dress and behavior.


Kuwait (GPI score: 1.669) is another safe haven in the Middle East, with low crime rates and a focus on public security.

Expats living in Kuwait City can enjoy modern amenities, shopping malls, and a diverse culinary scene.

The country offers a tax-free salary, high-quality healthcare, and a relatively liberal atmosphere compared to some of its neighbors.

However, expats should certainly be aware of cultural norms and respect local traditions, particularly during Ramadan.

Safest Countries in Asia: FAQs

What's the Safest Country in Asia?

According to the 2023 Global Peace Index, Singapore is Asia's safest country. It's also home to one of the world's most stable currencies, the Singapore dollar, and enjoys a robust banking sector.

Which Country Has the Lowest Overall Crime Rate?

Qatar has the lowest overall crime rate of any other country in the world. Yet the reason it ranks further down the list in terms of overall peace is because of its geopolitical risk.

What's the Safest Country in the World?

The world's safest country is Iceland, according to the Global Peace Index 2023.


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