9 Countries Without Income Tax

Countries Without Income Tax

Last updated February 29th, 2024.

Income taxes are a major source of revenue for governments around the world. However, there are several countries with no income tax in Asia.

You might ask, how is it possible for zero tax countries to exist? Well, in many cases, they have a unique set of circumstances that allows them to make up for the loss of revenue in other ways.

The United Arab Emirates, for example, is oil-rich and able to sustain its budget simply based off the income of its state-owned oil companies.

Others are able to compensate by collecting other kinds of tax, whether property or sales, while still remaining a country without income tax.

In this article, we’ll look at 9 countries with no taxes. They might charge sales or corporate tax, yet none of these impose the obligation of income tax on citizens or residents.


A small island country located in the Persian Gulf, Bahrain is known for its pro-business environment. In terms of taxes, Bahrain enjoys one of the lowest rates in the entire world.

The government doesn’t impose any personal income tax on individuals, though there are some taxes imposed on businesses and corporations operating in Bahrain.

For example, companies must pay a flat rate of 10% on their profits as well as a 5% value-added tax (VAT). Foreign investors may likewise be subject to additional taxes depending on their residence status.

Indeed, Bahrain is a country without income tax, but they’re able to make up for the lack of revenue elsewhere.


Brunei is a small country located in Southeast Asia that has zero income tax. Neither individuals or businesses operating within the country are required to pay income tax.

Despite this, Brunei’s economy brings in cash due to its thriving oil and gas industry. The government has implemented various measures to ensure economic stability, such as low interest rates on loans and subsidies for certain industries.

All of these factors have allowed Brunei to stay relatively competitive in the global market, providing citizens with a high quality of life.

Even if you don’t need to pay income tax here, we still don’t suggest investing in Brunei because of many other reasons though.


Kuwait is a Middle Eastern country situated in the northern edge of the Arabian Gulf. It’s a constitutional monarchy, with a well-developed economy and modern infrastructure.

The government of Kuwait doesn’t impose any form of income tax on its citizens or residents. As such, all income earned within the country is exempt from taxation, making it an attractive option for those looking to invest in the Gulf region.

Furthermore, Kuwait benefits from very low corporate taxes, zero capital gains tax, and encourages businesses to set up shop in the country.

The Maldives

While they don’t have any income tax, the Maldives is expected to be underwater by the year 2100 according to the World Bank.

The Maldives

An archipelago of islands located in the Indian Ocean and known for its stunning beaches, the Maldives has no income tax, making it an attractive place for those looking to escape high taxes in their home countries.

Despite having no income tax, the country does have other forms of taxation such as VAT, GST, and import duties.

In addition, there are certain restrictions on foreign ownership that investors should be aware of before investing in the Maldives. You can’t buy real estate as a foreigner here, for example, so property taxes aren’t a concern either way.

The Maldives does have a number of investment opportunities in the tourism and hotel sector. Here’s the bad news though: the country is slowly sinking into the ocean!


Oman is located in the Middle East, and along with the others on this list, is among a handful of countries with no personal income tax.

Yet this doesn’t extend to companies. Businesses in Oman pay a flat tax of 15%, which granted, is still low by global standards.

Keep in mind that, similar to many other places on this list including Saudi Arabia and Brunei, it’s difficult to actually become a resident of Oman and take advantage of their low tax rates.

Living in Oman usually requires a work permit, and despite recent talks about making it easier to stay as a foreigner, there isn’t any concept of “investment residence” like you’ll find in the UAE or elsewhere.

Thus, while Oman is included in our list of countries with no tax, that’s only true if we’re talking about personal income. It’s also difficult to actually live in Oman full-time in order to take advantage of their regime.


Qatar is a country located in the Middle East that is known for its high GDP per capita and zero percent income tax rate.

The government of Qatar relies on other sources of revenue such as oil and gas exports, tourism, and investments.

This complete lack of income tax in Qatar has allowed them to attract foreign investment, create jobs, and increase economic growth.

Despite this lack of taxation, Qatar still provides its citizens with social services such as health care and education. As a result, many people in Qatar have a high standard despite living in a country without income tax.


Qatar ranks alongside the world’s richest countries with a GDP per capita above $130,000 in 2023. The question is: did having no income tax cause Qatar’s wealth, or was it merely a result of it?

Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, income tax is not implemented. This means individuals and businesses alike aren’t required to pay any taxes on their income. However, this does not mean that the country is totally free of taxation.

The government of Saudi Arabia does collect taxes on certain goods and services, such as fuel and tobacco products.

Additionally, the government imposes a Value Added Tax (VAT) on all goods and services sold in the country. This tax rate currently stands at 15%.

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federation of seven emirates located in the Middle East.

Home to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the UAE enjoys a booming economy. Despite this, the UAE doesn’t have an income tax system.

This means that citizens and resident individuals aren’t required to pay any taxes on their personal income. Many companies in the UAE don’t pay any income tax either.

It’s worth noting that you also won’t pay any capital gains or inheritance taxes in the UAE. Being lucky enough to have state oil-wealth certainly makes life easier!


A small island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean, Vanuatu is the last on our list of countries with zero tax and is widely-known as a tax haven.

In Vanuatu, there are no corporate or personal income taxes, capital gains, inheritance taxes, or sales taxes. These factors makes it an ideal place for those looking to minimize their tax burden and take advantage of the country’s low cost of living.

Vanuatu also offers a wide range of other perks if you’re doing business here, such as no currency controls, free trade zones and offshore banking opportunities.

With that said, it doesn’t have doesn’t currently have the best image if you’re looking to conduct serious business on a large scale. Vanuatu’s citizenship by investment program has become scrutinized in recent years. Plus, it’s a very long flight from anywhere else.

Places Without Taxes: Is 0% Worth It?

Living in a country with no income tax is helpful for individuals and businesses alike. It means that the money you earn is yours to keep, so you can save more money and invest it in whatever way you choose.

Additionally, businesses can benefit from paying zero income tax as it makes them more competitive and allows them to reinvest their profits into growing their business. This means that they can create more jobs and contribute more to the economy.

Furthermore, not all of these places are made equal. To gain this privilege of paying no tax on your hard-earned income, you might have to sacrifice some other privileges.

Take both Saudi Arabia and Brunei, for example, which are both countries without income tax. Yet they’re known to impose some of the world’s strictest forms Shariah law in Asia and severely limit freedom of expression.

In the end, you’ll need to judge the benefits of living somewhere based on the totality of circumstances. The impact of living in these no income tax countries is important, but it isn’t everything.


Which Countries Have No Income Tax?

There are about a dozen countries without income tax. A few of these include Qatar, the Maldives, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates.

Is There Any Country Without Taxes At All?

You'll find several places without income tax, capital gains tax, property tax, or a combination thereof.

However, there isn't any country with no tax on everything. The loss of revenue from income tax is compensated from elsewhere.


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