Indonesia House Prices: How Much Does Property Cost?

Indonesia House Prices How Much Does Property Cost

Real estate in Indonesia is a popular choice among foreign buyers drawn to the country’s welcoming lifestyle and relatively affordable cost of homeownership.

While Indonesian housing prices, especially in Bali and Jakarta, remain flat amidst global economic uncertainty, the real estate market’s long term prospects are solid.

As of 2024, residential property prices in Indonesia rose by a slight 0.1% quarter-on-quarter according to central bank data, indicating the market’s resilience despite rising interest rates.

Over the past decade, Indonesia real estate price growth has been modest – up just 16%. Yet property values in Indonesia are actually down 5.9% when adjusted for inflation and the rupiah currency’s weak performance.

Indonesia’s economic fundamentals still remain strong, with GDP growth estimated at around 5% annually over the next few years according to the IMF and World Bank.

Key drivers of Indonesia’s property market like tourism are recovering, with international visitor arrivals doubling compared to the previous year. The government also introduced housing stimulus and VAT incentives to boost demand.

While Indonesia’s property taxes remain high for foreign owners, recent policy changes allow foreigners to own apartments with stronger property rights, which could attract more investment.

Foreign real estate buyers in Indonesia benefit from high rental yields of 5-6% on average, reasonable property valuations, a growing mortgage market, and political stability.

Is buying property in Indonesia right for you? Our guide covers the average price of real estate in Indonesia as a whole, along with those of specific cities such as Jakarta and Bali’s housing market.

Average Home Prices in Indonesia

Across Indonesia, average house prices range widely based on location and property type. Some key points on pricing:

  • Small homes in Jakarta’s distant suburbs start at around 150 million IDR ($10,500 USD).
  • Mid-range family homes in the outer parts of Jakarta or Bali run 300 to 800 million IDR ($21,000 to $56,000 USD).
  • Luxury villas in prime locations average 2 to 5 billion IDR ($140,000 to $350,000 USD).
  • Beachfront villas in Bali can cost 10 billion IDR ($700,000 USD) or more.
  • Newly built homes in Indonesia have a 10-20% premium over resale homes.



Jakarta is one of the largest cities in the world. In fact, over 30 million inhabitants live in the metro area. That number is only rising as Indonesia’s population increases over time.

Cost of Real Estate in Indonesia

The price you’ll pay for housing will largely depend on where you’re buying. Location is the most important factor that’ll determine property values.

By and large, Jakarta ranks as the most expensive city in Indonesia to buy a house. Bali is also home to many large, costly beach villas.


As Indonesia’s capital and largest city, Jakarta has the nation’s most expensive real estate.

The average cost of real estate is higher here than anywhere else in the country, including Bali.

  • Small condos in Jakarta average 2.5 billion IDR ($175,000 USD).
  • Houses average 5 billion IDR ($350,000 USD).
  • Townhouses average 3 billion IDR ($210,000 USD)



The paradise island of Bali is sought after for its beaches, temples, and vibrant culture. Property prices reflect high demand from local and foreign buyers alike.

  • Buying small villa in Bali average 2 billion IDR ($140,000 USD).
  • Larger villas cost an average 10 billion IDR ($700,000 USD).
  • Beachfront villas for sale in Bali range from 10 to 25 billion IDR ($700,000 to $1,750,000 USD).


In West Java, Bandung is a popular hub for tech startups and creative industries. You’ll find that real estate prices are significantly lower here than in Jakarta.

  • Condos in Bandung average 1 billion IDR ($70,000 USD).
  • Houses average 2.5 billion IDR ($175,000 USD).
  • Townhouses average 1.5 billion IDR ($105,000 USD).



As Indonesia’s second largest city, Surabaya offers more affordable property than either Jakarta and Bali.

  • Condos in Surabaya average 500 million IDR ($35,000 USD).
  • Houses average 1 billion IDR ($70,000 USD).
  • Townhouses average 800 million IDR ($56,000 USD).

Indonesia House Prices Will Differ

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” answer when it comes to housing prices, and you don’t really know how much real estate will cost until you actually buy it.

Several important factors that determine Indonesia property values include:

Location – Condos and houses in central areas of Jakarta and coastal hotspots like Bali command the highest property prices in Indonesia.

Being situated in the heart of major cities or exclusive beachfronts gives homeowners easy access to amenities, entertainment, and scenery. This prime positioning creates high demand that drives up real estate costs.


House in Bali

You’ll find that Indonesia house prices can start from well-below $100,000, but reach far into the multi-million range. That’s especially true if you’re looking at luxury real estate in either Bali or Jakarta.

Land size – More spacious land and larger lot sizes directly translate to higher property values in Indonesia.

Whether building a single luxury house in Indonesia or a cluster development, having room for expansive gardens, pools, and other features boosts the land appeal and pricing.

Building age – Brand new construction in Indonesia costs significantly more than older or dated homes.

Property developers in Indonesia can charge premiums for never-lived in properties with modern designs and layouts. New buildings also do not require expensive renovations and upgrades.

Amenities – Indonesian houses and condos featuring amenities like swimming pools, home gyms, parking facilities, and 24/7 security demand higher sales prices and rental income.

These luxurious features attract wealthy tenants and buyers who will pay top dollar for convenience and comfort.

Furnishings – Fully furnished and move-in ready homes in Indonesia sell for 10-20% more than empty units.

The appeal of turnkey properties with beds, appliances, electronics, and décor included allows sellers to increase their asking price.

Desirability – Certain neighborhoods, buildings, and developments have an exclusive cache that raises values. Prestigious addresses, social status, and proximity to other elite homes impact pricing.


Additional Housing Costs in Indonesia

Beyond the sale price, other home buying expenses include:

  • Transfer and notary fees of 5% of sale price.
  • Real estate agent commissions of around 2-3%.
  • Legal fees for contracts.
  • Renovations, upgrades, furniture, and appliances.
  • Property tax and ongoing condo maintenance fees.


Limits on Foreign Buyers in Indonesia

Indonesia has complex rules regarding foreign property ownership. The main options are:

  • Leasehold titles for up to 70 years, renewable.
  • Purchase via an Indonesian spouse or entity.
  • Freehold title if resident over 10 consecutive years.

If you’re buying property in Indonesia as a foreigner, it’s highly advisable to consult a real estate professional.

Loopholes do exist but regulations in emerging markets aren’t always as they appear, and can quickly change.


Risks and Costs of Indonesia Property

Indonesia’s housing market holds significant long-term potential for foreign real estate investors who take the time to understand its nuances.

The country boasts gorgeous natural scenery – and affordable condo costs compared to much of Asia.

Recent policy changes also allow foreigners stronger home ownership rights in Indonesia to purchase apartments in designated economic zones.

However, the market has complex regulations that require expert guidance to navigate. Foreigners can’t directly buy landed property like houses or villas in Indonesia – leasehold titles limited to 70 years are the main option.

While loopholes exist, real estate laws in Indonesia change with risks abound without due diligence. It’s ideal for foreigners buying real estate in Indonesia to engage a professional from the very outset.

Reputable developers and agents familiar with foreign buyers are also instrumental in ensuring a smooth purchase process. Thorough due diligence is essential to avoid pitfalls.

The long-term economic outlook remains positive, with Indonesia projected to be among Asia’s fastest growing economies this decade.

Meanwhile, key drivers like tourism and infrastructure investment continue recovering, which bodes well for future housing demand and prices over the long run.

Indonesia house prices appear like a fair value compared to other countries in Southeast Asia, presenting savvy foreign home buyers with upside potential.

Yet buying property in Indonesia, or in any other emerging market for that matter, always requires an abundance of caution.


Can Foreigners Buy Property in Indonesia?

Foreigners aren't allowed to own property in Indonesia on a freehold basis.

Unless you're a local citizen, it's only possible to lease property for a period of up to 70 years. This is true for condos, land, and any other type of real estate in Indonesia.

What's the Most Expensive City in Indonesia?

Jakarta is Indonesia's most expensive city by far, which makes sense considering it's the capital. Real estate prices in Jakarta are generally higher than in Bali and elsewhere in Indonesia.

How Much Does Housing in Indonesia Cost?

Indonesia house prices depend on the precise location, size of the property, and multiple other factors.

On one hand, you can pay well below $100,000 for a modest home on the outskirts of Jakarta. But on the other, you can easily spend millions on luxury apartments and beachfront houses in Bali.


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